Boulder and it’s beauty on a rainy day!

To wake up today and see a hint of snow on the beautiful flatirons was such to see.  All the trees, flowers and bushes are green and in bloom, with a hint of snow on them makes it a majestic site to see.  That is the beauty about Boulder and the surrounding counties, you never know the picturesque view you will be given each day.  Even though it is cold, rainy, gloomy there is just something special about living here. 

I love looking through my expansive windows in my apartment to see the birds nestled in the trees to stay warm.  The ground squirrels in their nests to fight the cold weather.  I watch the three people who brave the rain to walk around the 29th street mall waiting patiently for it to open so they can take cover from the elements.  I watch the RTD which picks up right outside my front door and the families hurrying to meet the bus, so they don’t have to walk to their destination of choice today.

What a lifestyle to enjoy, the calm of the day, the location of a choice and the beauty of nature! 

If your interested come and join me so you too can see what I am talking about!


About Two Nine North Luxury Apartments

Two Nine North is everything you want and everything you need. It’s an architecturally stimulating environment with an urban flair that delivers a sense of, “You've Arrived” and makes sure you can indulge your desire for fresh air. The residence floor plans you’ll find at Two Nine North have natural flow. Spaces connect in openness, not through hallways. The eye is drawn outside through large windows and the spirit soars. And yet, if privacy is what you crave, each residence offers you an oasis of peace. Where other communities wear sophistication like an overcoat, it’s deep in our DNA. Designed in. Built in. We call it a Boulder Life and it combines green living with efficiency, economy, comfort, convenience and a really great location.
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