CU Theatre: A Play on Two Chairs


14.Sep – 18.Sep 




Two nameless characters grace the stage with a simplicity that mirrors the everyday interactions of average people. The audience witnesses the various adventures that occur when two people meet, flirt and fall in and out of love, fight and lust after one another. The touching, serious moments of this one-act play are countered by the ridiculous and energetic twists and turns that occur in people’s typical, daily lives.

University Theatre Building
September 14-18 at 7:30pm
September 17 & 18 at 2pm
Single Tickets: $8-10
Box Office: 303.492.8181


About Two Nine North Luxury Apartments

Two Nine North is everything you want and everything you need. It’s an architecturally stimulating environment with an urban flair that delivers a sense of, “You've Arrived” and makes sure you can indulge your desire for fresh air. The residence floor plans you’ll find at Two Nine North have natural flow. Spaces connect in openness, not through hallways. The eye is drawn outside through large windows and the spirit soars. And yet, if privacy is what you crave, each residence offers you an oasis of peace. Where other communities wear sophistication like an overcoat, it’s deep in our DNA. Designed in. Built in. We call it a Boulder Life and it combines green living with efficiency, economy, comfort, convenience and a really great location.
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