Energy Saving Tips from Two Nine North!

•The idea that leaving a machine on is more efficient than turning it off has become something of an urban, and deeply uneconomic, myth.

Left on all day, every day, a computer will over a year use nearly 1,000 kilowatts of electricity, resulting in more than a ton of carbon emissions and an unnecessarily high electricity bill. By switching off your computer before you go home you’ll cut its electricity use to less than 250 kilowatts, with comparable carbon and cost savings. Think about turning it off even when you’re going to a meeting or lunch. Do the same with other office equipment.


About Two Nine North Luxury Apartments

Two Nine North is everything you want and everything you need. It’s an architecturally stimulating environment with an urban flair that delivers a sense of, “You've Arrived” and makes sure you can indulge your desire for fresh air. The residence floor plans you’ll find at Two Nine North have natural flow. Spaces connect in openness, not through hallways. The eye is drawn outside through large windows and the spirit soars. And yet, if privacy is what you crave, each residence offers you an oasis of peace. Where other communities wear sophistication like an overcoat, it’s deep in our DNA. Designed in. Built in. We call it a Boulder Life and it combines green living with efficiency, economy, comfort, convenience and a really great location.
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